Marine Debris Information

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OOC Marine Debris Training Slidepacks

pdf English MARINE_TRASH_AND_DEBRIS_2006_v1.pdf (1 MB)
pdf Spanish MARINE_TRASH_AND_DEBRIS_2006_v1_SP.pdf (1 MB)
PowerPoint English MARINE_TRASH_AND_DEBRIS_2006_v1.ppt (18 MB)
PowerPoint Spanish MARINE_TRASH_AND_DEBRIS_2006_v1_SP.ppt (18 MB)

OOC Marine Debris Video

"Think About It" - available in DVD, VHS, and Windows
Media/QuickTime formats (English & Spanish versions)

To order DVDs or VHS tapes, e-mail completed Order Form to or call 713-446-4424.

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Windows Media video: English / Spanish (16 Mb)
QuickTime video: English / Spanish (16 Mb)

Other Marine Debris Related Educational Material

The following can be used as "Environmental Moments" or awareness training in facility safety meetings, etc.   

  • Marine Debris Impacts in the Gulf of Mexico (by NOAA) 1.4Mb
  • Protected Species in the Gulf of Mexico (by NOAA) 1.5Mb
  • The MMS Referenced field Guide "Guide to Marine Mammals and Turtles of the US Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico" can
    be obtained by ordering direct from the Sea Grant Library by contacting 401-874-6842 or by Fax at 401-874-6817.
    The field guide is $25.00 plus 3.00 for shipping and handling. Discounts are available for orders over 10 and over 25.
    Web site information can be found at
  • Sample Marine Debris Certification Letter

    Marine_Debris_Annual_Letter ( 26 Kb Word download )

    BSEE WCST ver 1.2

    BSEE WCST ver 1.2 ( 8 Mb Excel download )